We improve financial freedom for the underbanked by the use of technology


We offer custom-tailored financial products according to the individual needs of our customers.


We use technology to offer underserved customers easy, fair and safe access to credit.


We build long-term relationships and help customers to gain access to better credit through financial inclusion and personalized development.

Our Mission: Banking the Underbanked

Kreditech's mission is to provide access to credit for people with little or no credit history: The underbanked. Mainstream financial institutions have neglected this group of customers for years due to their lack of solid credit rating. Excluded from mainstream access to credit – those customers are left either with no or only with poor credit options such as Pawn or Payday Lending. By the use of its proprietary credit decision technology, Kreditech is driven to bridge this gap and to provide access to credit at fair and sustainable conditions to the non-prime market segment.
No access to credit
Good access to credit
Pawn Loans
Payday Loans
Credit Cards
Bank Loans

Our Technology: Credit Rating via Artificial Intelligence

Kreditech has developed a globally unique technology for scoring thin-file customers. Our USPs are the enablers for becoming the “Digital Bank for the Underbanked”. Our unique technology aims to provide a friendly and fast service for the consumer. For this, we have developed a proprietary credit scoring technology which uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to process up to 20,000 data points per application. It allows us to score a customer within less than one minute and determine credit risk with higher precision than traditional credit-bureau based systems, especially for thin-file customers. The technology hence enables us to serve credit to customers across all channels and segments. It includes the underbanked, those who are rejected or badly served by traditional banks.

Credit Decision

- Works under incomplete information
- No intermediary / credit bureau needed
- Better decision quality = better credit offers
- Credit decisions in real-time

Our Products

Kreditech offers a wide range of consumer finance and digital banking products to its customers, aiming to be a strong partner for our customers for all needs of their financial life. Via our Monedo platform we offer both easy and convenient access to all our credit products, as well as a smart digital account and personal finance management. All our services are fully digital and available to customers 24/7 with instant credit decisions and payouts. We aim to build a long lasting relationship with our customers and continuously help our customers to improve their creditworthiness to qualify for better credit conditions.

Developing customers to better credit

Short Maturity
Long Maturity
Micro LoansEUR 100 - 800 at up to 30 days
Micro-InstallmentsEUR 100 - 800 at 3 months
InstallmentsEUR 350 - 5,000 up to 24 months
POS FinancingEUR 50 - 5,000 up to 48 months
Prepaid CardsE-Wallet account with virtual
and physical card
External Products /
Market Place

Our Geographical Footprint

Our business model has been proven in developed and emerging markets. Our consumer finance business currently operates in five high-value markets, while our group administration and technology development is headquartered in Hamburg, Germany. We do not offer any consumer finance products in Germany.

Fully Automated Business Processes

As an innovation leader in applying AI-technologies for financial services, Kreditech leverages machine learning and process automation across all drivers of the value chain. In areas ranging from marketing, individualized customer journeys, credit decisioning, payment processing, customer service and collections, our customers benefit from fast and convenient service offerings achieved through a high degree of automation.
Customer Acquisition
- Marketing automation
- Individual customer journey
- Cross channel budget optimization
- 100% online / mobile no paperworks
- Lowest number of fields in the industry
Scoring / Underwriting
- Instant credit decision
- Customized loan offers
- Instant payouts
- Wide support of payment channels
Customer Service
- Friendly, in-house customer service
- Personalized key accounts
Cross-Selling / Retention
- Data-driven product recommendation
- Personal finance management
- Machine learning optimized collection process

Partnership Models

Besides our direct consumer-facing business we are actively engaged in different partnership models allowing us leverage our products and technology.
Partnership Models
POS Financing
Partnerships with online POS (e-commerce and PSPs) to finance purchases get in touch

Lennart Boerner

SVP Strategy & Business Development

Lennart, SVP Strategy & Business Development, is taking care of the group's positioning as the leading digital consumer finance provider. Before joining Kreditech, he helped restructuring, selling and integrating a German mid-cap bank. Lennart also worked in diverse financial institutions where he was involved in strategy development and investment banking. He holds a BSc from European Business School, Oestrich-Winkel and a MSc Finance from the University of St Andrews.
Partnerships with financial institutions and e-wallet to offer complementary credit products to non-prime consumers get in touch

Ryley Kleinschmidt

Senior Manager Strategy and Business Development

Ryley helps develop the group’s commercial partnerships and the continued product to market fit across all geographies. As part of the Strategy Team he is also involved in all market expansion and the company's strategic direction. Before joining Kreditech, Ryley was working as a Project Manager in Brisbane, Australia - where is also originally from. He holds an MBA from Bond University in Australia which included a semester at one of Germany’s top Business Schools, EBS Oestrich-Winkel.
Software-as-a-service solutions for financial institutions via our subsidiary Kontomatik get in touch

Marcin Truszel

Founder and CEO, Kontomatik

Marcin is CEO and Founder of the Kreditech subsidiary Kontomatik. Marcin's started Kontomatik as a personal finance management application. It has since grown into a fully fledged tool that changes the world of banking as we know it. Before founding his own company, Marcin was the CTO of Artegence, one of the best interactive agencies in Poland. He has MA degree in Computer Science from University of Warsaw.