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Kreditech Group’s mission is to improve financial freedom for the underbanked by the use of technology. Combining non-traditional data sources and machine learning,  the Company is aiming to provide access to better credit and a higher convenience for digital banking services. The product offerings include consumer loans, a digital wallet and a personal finance manager designed to help customers manage their credit score and plan their spending.  Kreditech also offers a “credit as a service” model, allowing partners to integrate their credit products as payment method or funding source.

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Alexander Graubner-Müller


Alexander Graubner-Müller believes in algorithms and statistical data as the blocks for the next Industrial Revolution. Having led the tech-side of Kreditech as CTO for three years, he took over the CEO responsibilities in mid-November 2015. Prior to Kreditech’s founding, Alexander co-founded and sold the prediction-market engine PredictX. Before he managed engineering and product development at Rocket Internet. Prior to that, he worked as a financial engineer together with the research team at LGT Capital Management where he developed quantitative portfolio allocation strategies. He completed his studies at the University of St. Gallen and the Swiss Institute of Technology with a dual degree in Business and Econometrics.

Press Releases

Kontomatik appoints Piotr Warsicki as new CEO
May 11, 2018
Kontomatik appoints Piotr Warsicki as new CEO
Kreditech appoints Ashish Kohli as Managing Director India
May 7, 2018
Kreditech appoints Ashish Kohli as Managing Director India
Kreditech appoints David Chan as Chief Executive Officer
May 3, 2018
Kreditech appoints David Chan as Chief Executive Officer
Kreditech and PayU launch instant cardless EMI with PayU Monedo in India
March 15, 2018
Kreditech and PayU launch instant cardless EMI with PayU Monedo in India
Kreditech Announces Strategy for 2018
January 19, 2018
Kreditech Announces Strategy for 2018
CFO René Griemens Leaves Kreditech in Mid-2018
January 18, 2018
CFO René Griemens Leaves Kreditech in Mid-2018
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Press Coverage

Techcrunch 15.12.2016
"Kreditech - the online lender that builds credit histories based on big data analytics and is backed by the likes of Peter Thiel, Blumberg and the World Bank’s IFC — is today announcing a new strategic investor, and with it, a little more funding. The Hamburg startup has raised $10.4 million (10 million euros) from Rakuten, the e-commerce giant out of Japan." Ingrid Lunden
Finovate 15.12.2016
"Germany consumer finance innovator Kreditech has just picked up a $10.4 million (€10 million) investment from Japan’s Rakuten. The new funds, which will be used to develop Kreditech’s partnership business, take the company’s total capital to more than $160 million." David Penn
Gründerszene 15.12.2016
"Das Hamburger Fintech-Unternehmen Kreditech erhält eine neue Finanzierung: Der japanische Internetkonzern Rakuten investiert zehn Millionen Euro. Das Geld stammt aus einem 100 Millionen Dollar starken Fintech-Fonds, den Rakuten vor einem Jahr gestartet hat. Es ist das erste Mal, dass der Fonds in Deutschland investiert." Christina Kyriasoglou
Reuters 15.12.2016
"Japanese e-commerce company Rakuten has made a 10 million euro ($10.4 million) investment in Kreditech, a German financial technology startup that uses big data technology to assess the creditworthiness of potential borrowers with little or no conventional credit history." Anna Irrera
TechBullion 7.12.2016
"Top 10 Fintech Companies Germany...Founded in 2012, Kreditech is a German online lender that provides loans to people based on their creditworthiness which is analysed using their online data rather than traditional credit rating information. The company mainly focuses its efforts on emerging markets." Angela Scott-Briggs
KPMG 08.11.2016
"Through Kreditech's technology we can perform a more precise credit rating to offer credit at fair and risk­weighted conditions. With the new funding, we will continue advancing our scoring technology to continuously improve and expand our product offering."
Thomson Reuters 11.10.2016
"While there are applications across numerous fields including firms like OTAS Technologies and AlphaSense who are applying big data analytics to the buy-side trading arena, and MarketPsych, specializing in behavioral predictive analytics, the majority of funding has been targeted at firms like Kreditech..." Sam Chadwick
Bankless Times
"People using Online Point of Sales Financing can instantly finance online purchases at rates similar to banks up to €5,000 over a maximum 36 months. The paperless process employs proprietary scoring technology." Tony Zerucha
"Kreditech’s unique technology is able to provide a convenient offer to prime and non-prime customers who have little or no credit history."
Crowdfund Insider
"Kreditech shared that the new integration allows customers to instantly finance their online purchases at charges comparable to local banks." Samantha Hurst
The Paypers
"Kreditech’s CEO Alexander Graubner-Müller reminded the audience that 2 billion adults worldwide are underbanked and that they are prepared to service that market by combining non-traditional data sources with machine learning, thus aiming to provide access to better credit and higher convenience." Mirela Amariei
The World Bank
"In the Fintech space, IFC is supporting Fintech companies active in the Mexican market, particularly in the areas of P2P lending (i.e., Afluenta), online lending (Kreditech) and payment infrastructure."
“Nothing else can cope with the vast amounts of unstructured data other than machine learning,” said Graubner-Müller. “It’s real time, and you can give a credit rating for underbanked customers”. Emily Reynolds
"Kreditech, based in Hamburg, Germany, is among the largest of the new breed of consumer lending data collectors in emerging markets, with more than 306 million euros ($344 million) in backing from the likes of Peter Thiel, New York-based private equity firm J.C. Flowers & Co., and venture capital firm Amadeus Capital Partners." Shai Oster, David Ramli
Daily Fintech
"The reason this matters to Kreditech is that for all the talk of 20,000 data points, AI, machine learning, data science etc, understanding what a borrower has in their bank account (in and out and balance) is key to understanding their credit worthiness." Bernard Lunn
"There is a range of balance sheet lenders across Eastern Europe, including Kreditech, 4finance and ID Finance, which are solving the issue of credit access for the underbanked using innovative data sources." Alexander Dunaev
Financial News
"Graubner-Müller's company is a demonstration that the fuss over 'big data' is more than just hype, using powerful data-crunching to assess the creditworthiness of would-be borrowers with little or no conventional credit history."
"A prime example of this is German startup, Kreditech, which is able to offer loans to customers based on a dynamic algorithm that factors in 20,000 data points evaluating risk. These companies are helping accelerate the understanding of credit risk beyond the FICO score." Erin Shipley, TX Zhuo
"While the capital raised will be put into Kreditech's Monedo platform, which offers consumers digital bank accounts, payment products and personal finance management, it remains on the lookout for acquisition targets." Emma-Victoria Farr
Business Insider
"[Kreditech] believes using this data can provide a more accurate credit score than traditional methods, and also opens up new segments of the market which are currently ignored by traditional lenders due to a lack of credit rating." Sarah Kocianski
Süddeutsche Zeitung
Unterstützung von der Weltbank: "Alexander Graubner-Müller, 28, Gründer und Chef des größten deutschen Fintech-Unternehmens Kreditech, darf sich über einen ungewöhnlichen Geldgeber freuen. [...] Über ihre Tochter IFC investiert die globale Entwicklungsbank gezielt in Privatunternehmen, die in Schwellen- oder Entwicklungsländern tätig sind" Heinz-Roger Dohms
"Online lender Kreditech closes out Series C at $103M after getting $11M from the IFC: "Kreditech and the IFC are also making an effort to promote the idea of financial inclusion, helping write guidelines on responsible lending." Ingrid Lunden
"Germany’s FinTech Ecosystem: A Wheel in the European Innovation Machine" Sofia
Crowdfund Insider
"Banks can’t match fintech’s innovation culture. [...] “Our main advantage is speed, the speed at which we integrate new things and adapt to them… and the speed at which we deliver the customer experience. In a downturn we’ll be adapting faster than others. We operate in Russia and we adjusted our model to the recession there.” Alexander Graubner-Müller, Co-Founder and CEO, Kreditech." Therese Torris
"Das im vergangenen Jahr gehypte Unternehmen Kreditech erhielt eine Kapitalspritze von zehn Millionen Euro von der Weltbank. [...] Mit dem neuen Geld will die junge Firma ihr Produkt vorantreiben und ihre Technologie weiterentwickeln." Lisa Hegemann
"Vorreiter auf dem Gebiet dieses sogenannten Social- oder Big-Data-Scoring ist das Hamburger Startup Kreditech. [...] Das Geschäftsmodell: Kreditech verleiht Geld an Konsumenten, auch an solche, denen eine Bank aufgrund eines negativen Eintrags bei einer Auskunftei keinen Kredit geben würde." Mirko Hüllemann
"Kreditech is a consumer finance company that utilizes Big Data, proprietary algorithms and automated workflows to offer a range of financial services, with a focus on underbanked markets."
"The CEO of Kreditech used big data and algorithms to build a digital bank that is faster, cheaper and easier for customers. A former engineer at Rocket Internet, he previously founded predictive office market, Predict X." Steven Bertoni
Financial Times
"Kreditech, a Hamburg-based start-up that offers credit and banking products to people with little or no credit history, has attracted attention from investors including JC Flowers and Peter Thiel. The fintech company’s vision is to build an “Amazon for consumer finance”, expanding to offer products for personal finance management, overdrafts and payment services." Jeevan Vasgar
"Kreditech, based in Hamburg, Germany, is the largest of the new companies and does not lack for ambition. It sees its future as the Amazon of consumer lending in emerging markets." Sangwon Yoon
[Kreditech] uses some 20,000 data points to assess a person’s suitability as a loan candidate, ranging from single lines in bank account statements to behavioural info such as a person’s interactions with web sites and also social data.
The Economist
"Beyond using Facebook data, [Kreditech] says it can “triangulate the truth” about a customer’s creditworthiness by using behavioural data such as the way its online application form is filled in."
Business Insider
Kreditech uses big data to create a credit rating for those with thin credit files -- which could be those without bank accounts, students or migrants. Its subsidiaries also provide financial services for the 'unbanked'. Lucy England
"Daten sind das Öl 21. Jahrhunderts" Sebastian Diemer at NOAH Berlin 2015
Inc Magazine
"Anyone in lending knows traditional credit scores are going the way of the dinosaur. Kreditech is the future." John Rampton
The Sunday Times
"A credit bureau for the digital age, offering highly individualized loans to smartphone users, based on algorithms and big data." Edwin Smith
"Im Zuge der digitalen Revolution ist es nur eine Frage der Zeit, bis IT-Firmen das Bankgeschäft besser beherrschen als die Banken Selbst." Heinz-Roger Dohms
Techcrunch 22.01.2015
Kreditech has developed a remarkably sophisticated approach to real-time consumer banking, and focuses on markets that are relatively less well-served by traditional credit bureaus and financial services providers. Ingrid Lunden
Informilo 18.01.2015
"Why it’s hot: Kreditech’s mission is to build a digital bank for the unscored worldwide."
Berliner Morgenpost 19.01.2015
"Die Wachstumsrate von 70 bis 80 Prozent im Quartal könnte das Unternehmen zu einem ernsthaften Mitbewerber herkömmlicher Kreditinstitute machen." Jürgen Stüber
Entrepreneur 18.12.2014
“Don’t get biased by the Ubers, Instagrams and Facebooks,” says Sebastian Diemer, CEO and founder of Kreditech (...). “These are absolute outliers and do not represent any standards or best practices. Build companies to change the world, not to attract the next round of financing or have an exit in three years.” Zach Cutler
Focus 09.12.2014
"Statt langwieriger Prüfungsverfahren berechnet die Software innerhalb von 35 Sekunden, ob und zu welchen Konditionen der Antragsteller den Kredit bekommt."
Thomas Röll, Dr. Holger Schmidt & Michaela Franke
Business Punk Dec 2014
"Das Hamburger Fintech-Startup hat einen permanent lernenden Algorithmus, der 15 000 Datenpunkte checkt, die etwas über die Kreditwürdigkeit aussagen." Christian Chors
The Banker 01.10.2014
"With the initial intention of developing a scoring engine to sell, the founders eventually decided to further develop their initiative by moving into the business of lending. 'We don't see a bank that is able to serve consumers globally, on a fully automated basis, independent of existing institutions,' says Rene Griemens, Kreditech's chief financial officer." Brian Caplen
Financial News 29.9.2014
"Banks are to fintech what shopping malls are to e-commerce. While the first is accessible to the elite in developed countries only, the second is accessible to everyone."
Deutsche Welle 25.08.2014
"What do Facebook friends or the brand of your computer reveal about your own creditworthiness? Hamburg-based Kreditech use up to 15,000 types of data to decide whether an individual should be given a small-scale loan - with the consent of the applicant."
Mergermarket 19.11.2014
"Kreditech, a Hamburg, Germany-based online credit scoring and micro-lending firm, will prioritise raising a three digit million euro debt package before the end of this year, CFO Rene Griemens said." Vinjeru Mkandawire
Focus 29.09.2014
"Doch der technische Fortschritt geht weiter. Anbieter wie Kreditech haben Algorithmen entwickelt, um die Kreditwürdigkeit eines Menschen binnen Minuten beurteilen zu können." Holger Schmidt
Euromoney 16.09.2014
"Those in need of credit are turning to emerging online platforms rather than their traditional banks. It's faster easier and more transparent. And emerging market business is leading the way." Helen Avery
Epoch Times 13.10.2014
"Kreditech, a European company that labels itself as a “big data infrastructure that allows for credit bureau independent acquisition, identification, scoring and retention management in consumer lending,” boast that it uses 15,000 data points to help creditors process loan applications." Tommy Wyher
Wall Street Journal 3.10.2014
„Die Banken unterschätzen die Gefahr durch Fintechs“ Isabel Gomez und Madeleine Nissen