Work and life is a balancing act of the heart – Andrei Pop

by Kreditech on March 1, 2017

Andrei is a creative genius with a bit of a poetic streak. “The heart balances everything” is how he describes managing the notion of work-life balance. As Kreditech’s Lead Product Designer, he says he has one hand on design and the other on passions of the heart – like family. Thus choreographing life to a tune all his own. Andrei first joined the company in October 2014 as a UI/UX Conceptor. His middle name, Vlad, reminds one of historic Romanian princes. So it is no surprise that Andrei hails from Transylvania where “nature is wild and a trip to the amazing mountain scenery re-charges a weary mind”. Andrei 2

What is it like working for Kreditech?


Is there a project you are particularly proud of?

A flexible credit product (called Flexinero) was my first baby at Kreditech. It is basically a system that offers a potential client financial freedom through easy and quick access to a line of credit any time of the day, everyday. I will never forget the incredible time spent with the team conceptualizing and building that. Then we followed that up with the design of Monedo Finance. This has been quite a successful product that has enabled a broad range of partnerships.

Which time of the working day is your favorite and why?

I love the quiet of dawn. My dog and son have their ritual, they wake up around 6am and that literally starts my day. So I am in the office at 7am and after 2 to 3 cups of coffee, my brain explodes with creativity.

Could you caption what it takes to be successful at Kreditech?

Reinvent yourself on a higher level.

How do you describe your work to your family or friends?

I simply say I work at a company that gives loans online without paperwork based on a scoring system.

What has been your biggest challenge at Kreditech?

Literally speaking, trying to open doors at the office when both my hands are full. Really, the doors are heavy and the knobs can be tricky. Well, I should also add that redesigning a website within 2 hours has not been a walk in the park.

Do you have any tips for applicants?

I would advise them to learn the rules only to master them and then have arguments to change them!

What has been your favorite memory at Kreditech?

The 2016 Christmas party.

Do you enjoy living in Hamburg?

Yes I do. I particularly like the Elbe and sand beaches along it.

What made you interested in pursuing your “field of interest”?

I want to create a better world. Design is a creative process that is constantly reinventing itself. I can be constantly plugged into a creative flow that adapts to a changing world. While also being an agent of the changes occurring. So I will never get bored.

Does the future of Kreditech excite you?

I am excited about Kreditech’s potential partnerships which it would be embarking on and the future innovative business models that will be adopted. This makes for an inspiring company that is great to work in.

Who or What has been your greatest inspiration?

Progressive metal music. It gives me the energy and inspiration to continue to create. Thank you Dream Theater (band).

What aspect of German culture has been hard to adapt to?

The bureaucracy. It is actually quite similar to the way things are done in Romania. Of course here it is in a language not native to me. As a product designer of complex systems I see so many ways to improve.