How Pilar explains SEO to her mum? “I make websites appear in Google”

by Anna Friedrich on February 27, 2017

In our Q&A series where we continuously introduce Kreditechians to you, please meet Pilar from our Madrid office. She is responsible for executing the SEO strategy for the different Spanish consumer-facing brands, such as Monedo Now. Born and raised in Spain, Pilar has several years of experience in off-page and on-page SEO. She has worked in highly competitive sectors in the international financial services industry as well as in the areas of education and e-commerce. Pilar holds a degree in Journalism and a MA in International Communications from the City University of London.

How do you describe your work to your family?

That is quite challenging. Especially when I try to explain it to older people who not used to the Internet and new technologies. SEO is difficult to explain as it is not an exact science. All my work is focused around search engines and the algorithms they use. There are hundreds of factors making a website ranking on the first results in a search engine and my work is applying several techniques to achieve the best positions. But really, what I say to my mum is “I try to make websites appear in Google top positions”.  
What time of the working day is your favourite and why?

I prefer mornings. My mind is clear and I can focus better than in the evenings. I try to do the most intense tasks in the morning and leave the evenings for those simpler tasks. So, I am more of a morning person – but I need a couple of coffees to start the day with energy :).

Do you have any tips for applicants?

The work atmosphere at Kreditech is young, flexible and also changes are fast moving. If you want to develop your skills in a fast pace environment and meeting international co-workers, Kreditech is the right place for you.

Which books do you like?

My favourite book is 1984. I think George Orwell creates a precise description of the surveillance state and the power of the mass media to manipulate public opinion. His futuristic vision at that time (1949) was incredible, it was as if he could see what was there to come.  Definitely, a must to read.

What about your favourite vacation?

Best are those mixing culture and relax. I love travelling abroad to learn about different cultures, its people, gastronomy and history at the same time I can relax and take a break from my everyday life.

What is your favourite aspect of life in Madrid?

The sun and the food is what I most enjoy living in Madrid. I have been living abroad several years and these is what I missed the most. And definitely, the best advantage is having my family nearby.