Inside Kreditech – Q&A with Karl Müller

by Anna Friedrich on December 27, 2016

Karl Müller has a German-like name but he is Brazilian. He moved to Germany last year and started his career at Kreditech in Jan/2016. He is currently the Network Engineer responsible for all connectivity related issues – internet connections, VPNs, firewalls, wireless and so on – at our offices and Data Centers. The married, father of two boys loves traveling with his family and enjoys discovering new places in Europe. You can learn a bit more about him below.


Describe in one word what it’s like working at Kreditech?


What time of the working day is your favorite and why?

Mornings. When my mind is fresh and able to focus and think about things. But I also don’t like working alone for long stretches of time. I like meeting people. I work for the Infrastructure team, where we support users. This gives me the chance to talk to them and help fix their problems.

What part of your work would surprise people?

Internet users have no idea the number of things done to enable them smoothly use a platform. I mean in terms of the equipment that needs to be up and running so they can, for example, open a browser and successfully do a Google search. My job entails a lot of processes and procedures. If I describe it all, people will say “he deserves a raise”!

What has working at Kreditech taught you?

Kreditech has people of all experience, age and nationality. Despite my 20 years work experience, I did not realize how different two persons could be. Besides our different mother languages, engaging with colleagues also means traversing big cultural barriers. I’m really excited here in Kreditech to meet people from all over the world, to learn more about them, with them.

Do you have any hidden talents?

I play the trumpet and I have played in several cities around Brazil, from North to South. I think creating music is simply awesome.

How do you balance your career and family?

I love my job. BUT, my family is everything to me. They top all my priorities. Finding this balance is not easy. However, Kreditech helps a lot with this. We are permitted a very flexible work schedule. For example, sometimes I have to stay in the office longer than usual. In such a situation, I can arrive at the office a bit later than customary the next day.

What was your favorite vacation?

This year we had the opportunity to visit Denmark – me, my wife and my parents-in-law. It was an amazing time with them. We got a house with a spectacular view. Denmark is simply beautiful – I had no idea of this before the visit.

What do you miss most about your home city?

Family and friends are for sure the most missed. I also miss some of the good food we have in Brazil – feijoada and the traditional Brazilian churrasco (barbecue).

What aspect of German life was hard to adapt to?

Germany is a very good country, and living here, to be honest, is not that difficult. The language is a bit tough. However, I love learning German and every step forward has been an awesome experience.