Data driven services are our future – Siyu Sun

by Anna Friedrich on April 13, 2017

Siyu’s expertise cuts across the field of machine learning and big data application. She became a part of Kreditech in March 2016 and is currently a Lead Data Scientist. This Chinese national is particularly excited about the future of data driven product development and how making the right use of data can facilitate better decision making in the commercial world. A prolific tennis player, Siyu’s love for data sciences finds a little rivalry from her love for spicy food.


Siyu Sun Kreditech QA

In one word, describe what it’s like to work at Kreditech?



Is there a specific project you are proud of?

I am very proud of a project called kredikk. I built from scratch, a stand-alone R package for Kreditech’s internal usage. It was hard work but the benefits to the company has been quite notable. This was very professionally fulfilling for me.


What time of the working day is your favorite and why?

Actually, it doesn’t matter what time of the day it is. As long as I am the only one sitting in front of the computer, I can totally focus and work efficiently.


Do you have any tips for applicants?

Be confident, think out of the box, and do not undervalue basic skills.


What does it take to be successful at Kreditech?

I think ownership and team values are very important here. As long as you can take ownership of the problems or projects at hand, and show responsibility for whatever issues that may arise in the future, you will be successful.


Describe your biggest challenge at the company?

I will say adapting quickly to change and being able to work dynamically has been challenging. However, determination and being open to the help of others has helped me deal with these.


What part of your work would surprise people?

People may be surprised that from one data source, I am able to develop more than three thousand useful features employed by our scoring models.


What excites you the most about the future of Kreditech?

We are covering more and more markets and countries, reaching out to more and more potential customers. It is also quite exciting that we are going to be increasingly data-driven.


Do you have any hidden talents?

I am really good at playing table tennis.


What advice would you give your 13-year-old self?

Have more fun! And keep a diary for the future me to read so I can remember what I actually did at 13.


What do you miss most about your home city?

I am from China and I miss the mountains, the lakes, and chili pepper. The food back in my hometown, Pingxiang, is very different from food in Germany. There, every dish is cooked with hot chili pepper. So I am having to adjust to the mild, non-chili cuisines here.