Kreditech debuted in the Polish market in early August 2012. It is the time to reveal the secret whom hundreds of our customers trusted to. Certainly everyone is wondering who we are, what is our experience in financial sector, whom personal data is transmitted to. Unfailingly you are also curious who are our first customers.

The first 4 weeks of activity on the Polish market are behind us. The scale of interest in our services, even for us was a big surprise. Undoubtedly, it was the intense period for each Kreditech’s employee in order to meet the expectations of our customers. Loan applications which we received came across from all over Poland. Applicants came from different educational backgrounds, professions and age groups. We got a lot of email and phone inquiries who we are, what marks us out from the competition and what is the process of granting loans.

We would like to disclose a bit of the secret and reveal who is under the name Kreditech.

We are a team of young, dynamic people of Polish, German and British origins. All of us aqcuired extensive professional experience in finance, services, marketing, IT, across various business types of family-owned companies,  small /medium enterprises as well as the corporates and conglomerates. 90% of our staff has experience in international environment, both educational and profesional in countries around the world, starting from the west in USA, via UK, France, Poland, Switzerland, the Republic of South Africa, in China and South Korea ending.

Our mission is to provide consumers with fast, fair and responsible loans basing on the latest scoring technology. By our daily, diligent work we aim to achieve our vision – to provide our services to 5 million customers in 12 countries in Europe and around the world in a variety of business areas by 2015. The values that underlie our actions are: speed, honesty and responsibility.

The first weeks in Poland proved to be a remarkable success. To satisfy the curiosity of who are customers of Kreditech we prepared statistical models based on the first month of our activity.

As shown in the charts below, most of our customers are men and account for 55%. When analyzing marital status can be observed that 86% of our clients are married (43%) or single (43%) equally. Only 10% are divorcees, and 4% of the widows.


With regard to the age of our applicants the biggest group were people of age between 25-35 years, and the lowest – people above 50 years old. The low percentage of people above a certain age can be explained by no experience in “surfing” on the Internet or simply no Internet at all. Second large group, with almost 30% of total, were people with age between 35-50. Because majority of people up to age 25 are usually students, often dependent on family income, it was a big surprise to observe much interest in this age group.


As for the amount of loans, statistics are underestimated due to the applied rule with maxiumum amount of 500 zł for the first time customers (due to launching operations in August, this accounted for 100% of the customers). Some people have requested a higher amount hence the average height of a loan application increased to 565 zł. After a thorough examination by a fully automized system awarded loans, tailored to meet the individual creditworthiness of applicant, amounted to average height of 390 zł. The average income of our cosumers reached 1,996 zł.


And now it’s time to have a closer look what people think about Kreditech. Based on entries on Facebook, e-mails received and 119 reviews on our website (valid on 29/08/2012) we believe that services provided by Kreditech met consumers expectations. At the same time we have learned a few lessons from the first weeks of activity, and thanks to some customers who had written frank opinions explaining why they were disappointed (mainly technical problems) we managed to make an extra effort to learn the lessons and improve our services.

To sum up our first customers rated us with the VERY GOOD grade:

What are our plans for the future? Develop, continuously improve our technology and grant loans to broader range of customers. In order to achieve our goals we have launched new dynamic Help Desk platfort: Centrum Pomocy and we have started, unique on Polish market, cooperation with the leader of online payments Dotpay.

Regards to customers who trusted us so far.

Yours sincerely,

Kreditech Team