About Us

What we do

Kreditech is an international, technology-based company that takes a fundamentally new approach to identifying and scoring users online. Based on a complex fully automated, statistical algorithm, up to 8.000 data points per application are processed within seconds for a credit decision. This innovative technology takes into account all information that can be found in any accessible database, including social media, e-commerce shopping behavior, location, mobile phone usage, etc. Unfortunately, we can’t go into deeper detail, as the underlying data sources and statistical classifiers are our secret duck sauce.

Kreditech was founded in 2012 by German entrepreneurs and has since expanded into various countries and business fields.

Our core product: B2C Online / SMS Loans

We provide short-term loans of up to 1.000 EUR that are paid out in real-time utilizing a 100% automated engine.

WEB loans

First-time customers are required to apply online and provide us with their personal information. We employ the highest standards in data protection (SSL transmission, external data protection contractors, encrypted servers in German data centers), which ensures this data is inaccessible to any third party.

SMS loans

Imagine yourself in a shopping center standing next to an ATM. This last pair your favourite pants is on sale while your credit card has been rejected, despite the fact you are about to receive your next salary in a couple of days. How cool would it be to simply send an SMS to Kreditech and withdraw money out of the ATM 15 seconds later?  Welcome to Kreditech instant SMS loans.

Our B2B products

Our unique technology can be applied to all kinds of online financial products. The advantage of online short-term loans is that large amounts of data points can be generated in a short space of time at low cost. Nevertheless, the algorithm can be used for traditional (larger) loans, identification, smart lead generation, etc. Currently we operate a white label online KYC verification tool, recognised by the regulatory money laundering authorities, as well as an intelligent lead generation platform (leads are verified in real-time by our engine before passing them on).  Do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to learn more about implementing our cutting edge technology.