Online loan & Online lenders in Russia

As we are building a universal scoring model for credit decision, we gain our data from our online lender activities, which are issuing short term online loans in several European countries, like Poland, Spain and the Czech Republic. Our scoring model works well in each country, since we don’t need credit-bureaus for making our decision, like other online lenders do. Our technology takes advantage of each online loan we issue. There is no comparable company or online lender in the whole world, which is able to score persons faster, more flexible and more precise, than we are able to do it. Based on our research, Russia is a very interesting country for gathering data and issuing online loans. We are excited about entering each country, which seems to be interesting in terms of market-structure and from the legal perspective. Our company grows fast and our scoring model grows with us. The entering of Russia in the short future enables us to extend our global reach and also our database used for our self-developed scoring algorithm. The number of online lenders in Russia gives us the opportunity to easily overview our chances to gain the market-leadership. Growing at such a high speed as we do in so many countries gives us the opportunity to learn from mistakes and develop faster, safer and more reliable processes to enter new markets, like Russia and offer online loans much faster and better than any other online lender in a given country.